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Imagine X Lab.

Patent Analytics



LGE’s Clothing Management Equipment

Analysis of LGE’s Clothing Management Equipment Design Patent Networks by Period & Analysis of the correlation between main key design patents and LGE design patents.

Research & Analysis by JeongWon Park

Xiaomi Two-mode Network 
Inventor and Patent Visual Data Analysis

Analysis of Xiaomi innovator team structures with their patent information in the two-mode visual data analysis and also focusing on innovators in one-mode visual data analysis with their nationality information.

Research & Analysis by Emirhan Aksu

Kitchen Appliances

Samsung & LG Comparison

Analysis of Citation network comparison of kitchen appliances between Samsung and LG to understand "Which company is leading and dominant in kitchen appliance design?" and check how different the development directions Samsung and LG pursue are

Research & Analysis by Jaeyeon Shin

Apple Earphones

Analysis of Apple earphone design patent network. How Apple earphones chronologically evolve through design patents. Also, citation relationship of Apple earphone through design patent network analysis.

Research & Analysis by Wonjoon Yoon