I am an associate professor and department chair at the Graduate School of Technology and Innovation Management, and jointly affiliated with the Department of Arts and Technology, in Hanyang University. I co-founded an interdisciplinary research lab - Imagine X lab since 2013. 

I am currently investigating data analytics and AI-driven UX methodology to link between behaving to decision making. My research tools are ranging from network-based visualization, serious games, motion sensor devices, and VR.

I received my M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in Industrial Engineering from the Arts et Métiers ParisTechParis in 2008 and 2011 and my B.S. in Industrial Design from KAIST in 2007. In 2012 I was awarded the Leverhulme Research Fellowship (UK) and joined the Innovation Design Engineering (IDE), Royal College of Art in London. I served as a general co-chair of ACM TVX 2018 and continued to contribute to many international HCI and design research communities as chairs and reviewers

Jieun Kim

UX/HCI Researcher

jkim2 at hanyang.ac.kr



Ph.D. Arts et Métiers ParisTech, Design and Innovation Lab, Modelling cognitive and affective processes of designers in the early stages of design, France (supervisor: Prof. Carole Bouchard)


M.S. Arts et Métiers ParisTech, Design and Innovation Lab, Paris, France Élaboration d’une méthodologie centrée utilisateur de conception innovante de basée d’icônes, France (supervisor: Prof. Carole Bouchard)


B.S. Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST), Major: Industrial Design - IDKAIST


Institute National des Sciences Appliquées de Lyon (INSA de LYON), Exchange student, Dept. Industrial Engineering,                                 France


2019-2020               Industry Chair of ACM TVX 2020, Barcelona, Spain

2018                            General Chair of ACM TVX 2018.

2018-present             Ashoka U Changemaker member

2018-present             Board member, Korean Society of Design Science


2016-present  / Principal Investigator / National Research Foundation of Korea/ $150,000

A diagnostic system of wrist and hand in rheumatoid arthritis with K-HAQ-DI (Health

assessment questionnaire disability index)

2018-present  Co-PI / National Research Foundation of Korea / $2,000,000

Multisensory Museum Technique (a co-operation with Gwacheon Science Museum)

2019 / Principal Investigator / SK Corp.  SK Creative Challenge 2018 / $200,000 / Future Mobility

2018 / Principal Investigator / NRF-LINC+ / $50,000 / VR Testbed for Electronic Vehicle project with EPIKA

2014-2015/ Principal Investigator/ NRF-ANR (FR) STAR PROJECT/ $100,000 / Assessing the Aging Elderly with Cognitive Impairments – Instrumental Activities of Daily Living (IADL) on the mimetic VR system

2014-2016 / Principal Investigator// $150,000 /Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning  Generating STEAM Education in a Virtual World & fNIRS (functional near-infrared spectroscopy) study on its neurophysiological effects



2017- 2019       

Selected for the 52 most exceptional “Women in Science” by Embassy of France and the Korean Academy of Science and Technology 


MANOVIVO (Smart Glove Design)- The Red Dot Design Award: best of the best (top 0.7% concepts were being honored)


O’Pill (pill identifier using deep-learning technologies): IF design award winner


2017 Outstanding paper award, The journal of Intellectual property Design-Utility Patent Citation Analysis from the Case  Study of Apple©


3D orientation map for the visually impaired in public space: K-design award winner


ACM TVX 2014 BBC Grand Challenge First prize


The Leverhulme Trust, Research Fellowship, Royal College of Art, UK


Scholarship from Paris ACM SIGGRAPH


Presentation award, KEER2010 Conference


French government grants, selected by 5th Blaise Pascal



You can find the full list of my publications at Google Scholar and Academia.com   If you can not access any papers listed here, please let me know ;)

UX and Decision Making

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Technology-Design Management

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Medical Human-Computer Interaction  - Human Behaviour & Data Analytics

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Personality & Education

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