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  It is our pleasure to welcome you to Imagine x Lab based in the Graduate School of Technology and Innovation Management (MOT), Hanyang University, Seoul, Korea. Technology Design research and education at Imagine Lab is a flagship in the management of technology and design fields. We closely collaborate with researchers and faculty from various disciplines including Human-Computer Interaction (HCI), Arts, Sociology, and Psychology.

    Our research interests widely range from Human-Computer Interaction, cognitive informatics, design-driven innovation. We welcome inquiries and applications from potential students or rising researchers with an interest in Industrial Engineering, Psychology, Computer Science, Industrial Design, or Art-Technology.

    We hope you take your great potential to the Lab.

What is the one thing you see as most important about the work you do there?

     At Imagine x Lab we do not limit the scope of our research interests. This extraordinary opportunity allows us to incorporate innovative and practicable viewpoints into our theoretical research that traditional HCI may have overlooked.





Master students


How many people are in the lab, and

what is the mix of backgrounds and roles?

Everyone has widely different backgrounds:

Computer Science, Industrial Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Industrial Design, Theater & Film, Dance, and Music Composition.


Unexpected arrivals have inspired us to expand our imagination to incorporate wider and more varied viewpoints.

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