by Public Transportation (Dotted Line)


Hanyang University Subway Line #2, Exit #2

Walk with the International building on your right side and you will see the Amphitheater in front of you. Keeping the Amphitheater on your left, walk down the stairs. Go straight until you reach the Field and Track. You will see our building (FTC) on your right.

2호선 한양대역 2번 출구에서 오른쪽으로 올라와서, 국제관[108]을 지나 노천극장 옆 계단 이용하여 내려온 후, 대운동장까지 직진 후 우측 퓨전테크센터(FTC)

by Taxi or Car (Solid Line)

After entering the campus, drive toward the Administration Building (Main Building), which can be recognized by a road centerline in blue. Once you see the Track and Field on your right, drive until the end of the track. You will see our building (FTC) on your left.


Two parking areas are available in close proximity to our building.

*네비게이션에서 퓨전테크센터 입력 

한양대학교 교내 진입 후, 파란색 본관 표시선 따라 오면, 대운동장 왼편 퓨전 테크센터 (FTC) 

  It is our pleasure to welcome you to Imagine x Lab based in the Graduate School of Technology and Innovation Management (MOT), Hanyang University, Seoul, Korea. Technology Design research and education at Imagine Lab is a flagship in the management of technology and design fields. We closely collaborate with researchers and faculty from various disciplines including Human-Computer Interaction (HCI), Arts, Sociology, and Psychology.

    Our research interests widely range from Human-Computer Interaction, cognitive informatics, design-driven innovation. We welcome inquiries and applications from potential students or rising researchers with an interest in Industrial Engineering, Psychology, Computer Science, Industrial Design, or Art-Technology.

    We hope you take your great potential to the Lab.

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