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Key Investigator :

Hokyoung Ryu, Hyundo Kim, Sukgyu Na

Learningsignal / Elite Education Group

​Funded by

Duration :

20. 11. 4.
37. 2. 28.

Open College, which is a new form of international college, is being built on a metaverse platform developed by Learningsignal. In the metaverse context, international students take courses & exams and do scientific simulations & experiments (with VR technology), and meet their teachers/administrators at their convenience. The learning analytics module is sidelining with Open College curriculum at which international students are sought for a legitimate undergraduate degree from Korea. It recommends the best learning strategy for the students to follow and the best pedagogical helps for the professors. The academic administrators can make best data-centric decisions for planning and managing where the students/teachers are in need of college-level interventions.

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